Correlate Objects between Prisma SD-WAN and Prisma Access

316 Cloud managed
To simplify troubleshooting, VPNs that are automatically created for Prisma Access Integration contain extended information inside the VPN interface description. These can be viewed from
Configure the device
Interface Config
field content:
Prisma Access info: Remote Onboarding: AUTO-CGX_4FGSWEMJM9Y_02_3730
IPSEC Tunnel: AUTO-CGX_4FGSWEMJM9Y_02_3730 54
IKE Gateway: AUTO-CGX_4FGSWEMJM9Y_02_3730
This information directly references the related objects in Prisma Access (Cloud Managed) for this tunnel.
Any resource tagged
is written by the CloudBlade and must not be edited. Only Route Maps for BGP Peers is allowed to be edited (for version 3.1.3 and above).

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