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Configure Standard Groups

316 PIC
With the Prisma Access for Networks Integration (managed by Panorama) CloudBlade installed, three default standard groups will automatically be created:
  • Prisma Access: Active
  • Prisma Access: Backup
  • Prisma Access: All Regions
The only action required will be to add the appropriate Prisma Access Region Endpoints to these Groups and Any Domains (as needed).
If a new user, the only default standard group that is created is
Prisma Access: All Regions
  1. From
    , select
    Service & DC Groups
  2. Click
    next to Domains, provide a name in the popup and select
  3. Next, map the service endpoints to the appropriate
    Prisma Access: Active
    Prisma Access: Backup
    groups in each domain.
    If more than one endpoint is part of a group, they will be considered as equal in network policy path selection.
  4. Finally, proceed to binding domains to sites.

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