Integrate with GCP-NCC

Prisma SD-WAN GCP-NCC CloudBlade allows seamless integration between Prisma SD-WAN branches and Google Cloud Platform
Network Connectivity Center
(NCC) to streamline and automate site-to-cloud connectivity at scale.
Network Connectivity Center
in Google Cloud is a hub and spoke model for network connectivity management. The hub resource delivers a reliable connectivity on demand and reduces the operational complexity through a simple, centralized connectivity management.
NCC can connect VPNs, partner dedicated interconnects, as well as third party routers and SD-WAN. Wherever your applications or users are in the network, you can optimize the connectivity, reduce the operational load, and lower costs.
Cloud Router
is a fully distributed and managed Google Cloud service that programs custom dynamic routes and scales with network traffic. It dynamically exchanges routes between Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and on-premise networks using Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).

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