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Prisma SD-WAN

  • An active Prisma SD-WAN subscription with sufficient licenses to install at least 2 x v7108 ION devices per region.
  • Sufficient quota for the CloudBlade to create three VPCs in the project.


  • A GCP service account with permissions to call Rest APIs like Deployment Manager API, Compute Engine API, Cloud Router API, and Network Connectivity API. Access to these APIs must be enabled in the project before deploying the CloudBlade.
  • The Service Account must have permissions to create, update, and delete resources like (VPC, Firewall, Subnet, IP addresses, Routes, VM (instance), Cloud Router, Router Interfaces, BGP Peers, NCC Spoke, and NCC Hub).
  • An active GCP marketplace subscription for the Prisma SD-WAN ION Virtual Appliance.
  • From version 1.0.0 onwards, GCP regions must support instance machine type as First Generation N1.

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