Validate the GCP-NCC Integration CloudBlade

Validate the GCP-NCC Integration CloudBlade deployment and check the GCP and Prisma SD-WAN controller-created resources.
  1. Check the status indicator on the CloudBlade window. Once enabled and deployed correctly, the status indicator should turn green. If the access credentials are invalid, the status indicator will display an invalid credentials error message.
  2. Check if the Prisma SD-WAN data center site has been created in the Prisma SD-WAN controller and if the Virtual ION HA pair has been assigned to this site.
  3. In Prisma SD-WAN, go to
    Site Details
    and check if the
    Secure Fabric Links
    are created between the newly created GCP Data Center ION devices and the branch site devices.
  4. Verify if the creation of Port 1 and Port 2 configurations are complete from the active ION device
    configuration window.
  5. Verify if the IP subnets are in the range of 255.255.x.0/24 for Controller and Internet VPC, and the range for Transit VPC follows the RFC 1918 10.255.x.0/24.
  6. In GCP, check if the
    Cloud Routers
    created region-wise are integrated with the devices deployed in the respective regions and attached to the NCC Hub.
  7. Check if the BGP core peering between each Virtual ION and the cloud router is up.
  8. Check the advertised Branch prefixes to the Cloud Router.
  9. Check the received routes from the Cloud Router.

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