: Use a Group in Stacked Policies
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Use a Group in Stacked Policies

Lets see how to use a group in stacked policies.
To use a group in Stacked Policies:
  1. From
    Policies >
    Stacked Policies
    Path Sets
    , and then select a path policy set.
  2. Within the policy set, select a rule to edit or add a new rule.
  3. Go to
    and select the required applications or confirm that the required applications are selected.
  4. On the
    tab, select the
    path as
    Standard VPN
    on <circuit category> or
    Any Public / Private
    to allow the system to use any/ all paths of that type.
    You can mix Standard VPNs with other available paths – private, public, direct or VPNs.
  5. On the
    Service & DC Group
    tab, select
    as the Standard VPN group, and click
    Save & Exit
    • If Standard VPN path is used in a network policy, then you must have a Standard VPN Services and DC Group defined in the policy for the traffic to transit through that group. If not, traffic will be black-holed.
    • If Required is selected, traffic will always transit through the Services and DC Group. If not selected, traffic may or may not transit through the Services and DC Group per policy.

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