: Modify Cellular SIM Settings

Modify Cellular SIM Settings

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Modify Cellular SIM Settings

Change the primary SIM settings.
Automatic SIM switchover occurs when the primary or the active SIM fails. The switchover occurs only if there are two SIMs in the ION device and the data session cannot be established for more than five minutes. SIM switchover is limited to only two times when both the SIMs are unable to establish a valid data session—SIM 1 to SIM 2 to SIM 1.
When the switchover is initiated, if a different carrier SIM is present in the secondary slot, the modem is reset and loads a new firmware. If the secondary SIM is from the same carrier, the modem is not reset.
  1. Select
    Claimed Devices
    , select the device you want to configure.
  2. From the ellipsis menu, select
    Configure the Device
    and select
    , and then select the Cellular module to edit.
  3. Select
    Main Configuration
    and enter the following information:
    Cellular Module Status and Name of the module is displayed.
    are enabled by default.
  4. (
    ) Add the
    and the
  5. Configure the SIMs:
    The SIM table displays the SIM slot 1 and SIM slot 2 configuration:
    SIM Slot
    • Primary
      —If there is only SIM, generally slot 1 is for the Primary SIM.
      If there are two SIMs, you can manually configure slot 2 as primary SIM by selecting the radio button.
    • Carrier
      —Displays the Carrier name and whether the SIM PIN is enabled. Lock symbol indicates the SIM PIN protection is enabled. Unlock symbol indicates that the SIM PIN protection is not enabled. It is optional to secure the SIM.
      SIM protection configuration is done in two steps:
      1. Configure the SIM PIN number. Refer to Enter the SIM PIN to Unlock the SIM for more information.
      2. Enable or disable SIM protection.
        You can
        the SIM PIN,
        Change PIN
        . Refer to Manage SIM Operations for more information.
    • SIM Status
      —Displays if the SIM is in use or is present in the device.
  6. Save Cellular
    to update the changes.

Enter the SIM PIN to Unlock the SIM

The SIM PIN prevents unauthorized use of SIM cards. With SIM PIN enabled, a SIM is locked to a modem. A PIN code is required to unlock the SIM for the modem to access the cellular network and start data sessions.
The entered PIN is saved in the ION device and this PIN is used for PIN verification when the ION device is reset. PIN verification is not required for an unlocked SIM.
  1. Select the ellipsis icon against the SIM and select
    Enter PIN
  2. Enter the
    PIN Number
    for the SIM.
    The check box
    Remove PIN from Configuration
    is deselected by default. When deselected, the PIN is used to secure the SIM. You cannot use the SIM until the SIM PIN is configured.
  3. Enable PIN for SIM#1
    to enable the PIN for the selected slot.
  4. Save
    to save the configuration.

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