Configure Cellular Modules

Configure cellular feature on the ION device by setting SIM specific configurations.
The cellular ION devices have integrated 4G or 5G cellular modem for primary or backup WAN connectivity. If there is no 4G or 5G coverage, these modems can fall back to 3G network. In a typical deployment, the cellular WAN is configured as a backup to the wired WAN interface. It can also be configured in an active/active model with wired WAN interface and also as the only WAN link.
These cellular ION devices are optionally installed with dual SIMs to provide backup connectivity when the primary SIM carrier connection is down. These devices detect SIMs from carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and auto configure the required modem profile and firmware and bring up cellular WAN connectivity.
Configure the cellular feature on the ION device by setting SIM specific configuration like primary SIM slot, SIM PIN configuration and cellular IP interface specific configuration. Separate primary and backup interface configurations are supported to allow configuring different APNs and circuit labels for different SIMs.
Set the following manual configurations on the cellular ION device:

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