View Device Software Upgrade Status

Learn more about the Prisma SD-WAN device software upgrade status.
You can view the status of active and pending device software upgrades and troubleshoot software upgrades using device CLI commands.
Device software download and upgrades can be viewed for all ION devices running Release 5.1.1. To view pending and active device software downloads and upgrades for 5.1.1 devices:
  1. Navigate to
  2. Select
    Claimed Devices
    and select
    Device Options
    at the bottom left of the screen.
  3. On the
    Device Software Upgrade
    screen, device software details such as name of the device, current version, target version, download time, upgrade time and status of the software upgrade displays.
    • Current version
      indicates the current device version.
    • Target version
      indicates the software version to which you wish to upgrade.
    • Status
      allows you to filter and display the status of devices. You may check more than one box to view the varied status of selected devices.
      • Download Scheduled
        —Displays a list of devices for which software downloads have been scheduled. An upgrade is not scheduled for these devices.
      • Download Complete
        —Displays a list of devices for which software download has been completed. An upgrade can now be scheduled for these devices.
      • Upgrade Scheduled
        —Displays a list of devices for which software upgrades have been scheduled. The list will display a temporary download completed state and then the scheduled upgrade.
      • Other
        —Displays a list of devices that may be in an interim state, with a download or upgrade operation in progress.
        Note that the status of all pre-Release 5.1.1 devices will only display under
  4. Select
    Retry Upgrade
    if there is an issue with the upgrade.
    Retry Upgrade displays the Schedule an Upgrade screen. View the
    to view the last five operations on the software upgrade. Click
    Edit or Abort
    to edit or abort a scheduled upgrade.
    Run the device CLI command
    dump software status
    to verify the version of the ION device software.

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