: dump log-agent eal conn

dump log-agent eal conn

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dump log-agent eal conn

Use the
dump log-agent eal conn
command to view the log-agent cloud server connections.


dump log-agent eal conn



Command Notes

Super, Read Only, Monitor
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Introduced in
Release 6.2.1


dump log-agent eal conn DPI Cloud server: b49a822a-090c-42b9-b4c4-0c1a86df4bd5.fei.lcaas-qa.us.paloaltonetworks.com:443 Cloud connection: connected dump log-agent eal conn detail DPI Cloud server: 7fc1c9de-aff0-4f4c-80ba-ade7945ed0c8.fei.lcaas-qa.us.paloaltonetworks.com:443 Cloud connection: connected Summary of DPI gRPC client: number of connection reset: 7 number of connection failed: 52 number of connection established: 4671 number of connection attempts: 4723 number of connection released: 4670 number of connection selected: 4706 number of selections failed: 115 number of bytes sent: 117607080 number of bytes received: 0 Last gRPC connection Attempt: 2023-04-13 08:48:37 +0000 UTC Last successful gRPC connection: 2023-04-13 08:48:37 +0000 UTC Summary of gRPC connections [configured source IP:]: Device cert status: Installed Validity: Notbefore: 2023-03-21 09:57:40 +0000 UTC Notafter: 2023-06-19 09:57:39 +0000 UTC max gRPC connections: 1, max alive time: 0, max bytes sent: 0, ongoing: 0 [0]gRPC conn[ ->], state true, selected 0, backup false,0, device cert send: wire 13828, app 13748, num 16; receive: wire 0, app 0, num 0 Current Time: 2023-04-13 08:51:20.481278374 +0000 UTC m=+1129604.186989851

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