: dump priority-policy config policy-rules

dump priority-policy config policy-rules

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dump priority-policy config policy-rules

Use the
dump priority-policy config policy-rules
command to display the QoS policy rule configuration for a device.
Information displayed includes the application name, policy rule, policy set, order number, network context, prefixes, priorities and DSCP values.


dump priority-policy config policy-rules ( all | application=
application name or ID
| app-wildcard | dscp value= DSCP value | [enabled=true | enabled=false] | network-context=network-context ID | policy-rule=
policy-rule name
| policyset=
policy-set name
| prefix=
name of the prefix
| priority= priority number)


Enter all to display configuration of all path policy rules on the device.
Enter an application name or ID to display policy rules for the application.
Choose this option to display policy rules which are not configured for any application.
dscp value
Enter a DSCP value between 0 and 63 to display policy rules for the DSCP.
Choose true or false to display policy rules which are either enabled or disabled.
Enter a network context ID to display policy rules for the network context.
Enter a policy rule name or ID to display information for the policy rule.
Enter a policy set name or ID to display policy rules in the policy set.
Enter a prefix name or ID to display policy rules for the prefix.
Enter a priority number to display policy rules for the priority.

Command Notes

Super, Read Only, Monitor
Related Commands
dump priority-policy config policy-sets
Introduced in
Release 5.0.1


dump priority-policy config policy-rules policy-rule=PL4_IPV6 Priority Policy Rule : 1676971237181015896 : PL4_IPV6 Policy Set : 1675845753688008496 : IPv6_QoS Applications: 16409223802140110 : netop-remote-control Source Prefix : 1675846030099014596 : ipv6_1_Spoke Users : any UserGroups : any Destination Prefix : 1676272395407004096 : ipv6_2_Hub Network Context ID : none Order Number : 1024 Enabled : true Priority Number : 1 DSCP Value : 56
dump priority-policy config policy-rules user-group=1675699201696005528 Priority Policy Rule : 1674798441633001528 : Specific User Policy Set : 1666170947938011528 : User ID test Applications : WILDCARD Source Prefix : none Users: 1674636535551002128 : None UserGroups: 1675699201696005528 : CN=devops,DC=sdwanamsteltest,DC=onmicrosoft,DC=com 1675699201696006228 : CN=engineering,DC=sdwanamsteltest,DC=onmicrosoft,DC=com Destination Prefix : none Network Context ID : none Order Number : 1023 Enabled : true Priority Number : 2 DSCP Value : none

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