: dump routing running-config

dump routing running-config

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dump routing running-config

Use the
dump routing running-config
command to display the current routing configuration for a device.


dump routing running-config



Command Notes

Super, Read Only, Monitor
Related Commands
Introduced in
Release 5.0.1


dump routing running-config Building configuration... Current configuration: ! log syslog notifications log facility syslog bgp multiple-instance ! debug zebra rib debug bgp ! password default ! interface br0 ipv6 nd suppress-ra ! ... router bgp 7000 bgp router-id neighbor remote-as 1234 neighbor description "core peer 15296501950110247" neighbor advertisement-interval 1 neighbor timers 30 90 | neighbor timers connect 120 neighbor soft-reconfiguration inbound neighbor route-map auto-core-15296501950110247-routemap-in in neighbor route-map auto-core-15296501950110247-routemap-out out ! ip prefix-list PLC seq 2 permit ge 28 le 30 ip prefix-list seq 5 permit ! ip as-path access-list auto-core-15296501950110247-as-path-outpermit .* ! route-map auto-core-15296501950110247-route-map-in permit 10 set local-preference 100 ! route-map auto-core-15296501950110247-route-map-out permit 99 match as-path auto-core-15296501950110247-as-path-out match ip address prefix-list auto-prefix-adv-and-distribute set as-path prepend 7000,7000,7000,7000 ! route-map peer- permit 10 match ip next-hop prefix-list ! ip forwarding!line vty ! end

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