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Use the
command to download all the CLI command outputs, cores and device logs in a tar file. Saves the log file in your home directory; You can list the files using the
file list
command. You can also export the file to an SCP server using the
file export


dump-support ( all | core | syslog |output ) file=


Enter output with a file name tp collect all the output files to be exported. It displays the device configuration, current state, logs, and core dump summaries.

Command Notes

Related Commands
Introduced in
Release 5.6.11


dump-support output file=abc # file view abc **************************************** Device support details **************************************** dump appdef config all=true ----------------------------------------- Application ID : 2120 Application Name : openvpn Display Name : openvpn Type : ndpi Application Category : tunnel Application Transfer Type : bulk ... Application Policy Rule ID : 15186805759380011 Application Policy Rule Name : quadstor-vtl-backup-Policy Application ID : 15186805647100189 Application name : quadstor-vtl-backup Priority Number : 2 Network ID: none Active Paths: Path ID : 15186805736810077 Path Label : public-* Path Type : VPN Path Label : private-* Path Type : DIRECT Backup Paths : none dump bfd status all=true ----------------------------------------- There are 0 sessions: dump bypass-pair config ----------------------------------------- Bypass Pair : 4 & 5 Propagate Lan State : No Hardware Relay : No Admin State : up Used For : public ...
Extracting tar file will give dump_support_output and logs.
tar -xf 10_14_2022_dump_logs.tar.gz ls 10_14_2022_dump_logs.tar.gz dump_support_output log ls log/syslog
file export <interface> <file to export> scp://user@host[:port]:location Example: file export controller1 tech-support-file scp://admin@

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