: dump syslog-rtr stats

dump syslog-rtr stats

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dump syslog-rtr stats

Use the
dump syslog-rtr stats
command to display the current status of the syslog router. Information displayed includes the number of configured syslog servers, names and IP addresses of the syslog servers, interfaces on which syslog servers are configured, cipher info, and connection details.


dump syslog-rtr stats



Command Notes

Super, Read Only, Monitor
Related Commands
dump syslog config
dump syslog status
Introduced in
Release 5.1.15


dump syslog-rtr stats Syslog service is running Server Name : Windows-10 Enabled : true Flow logging Enabled : true Connected : true IP : Server FQDN : NA Port : 514 Protocol : 6 Cipher Info : NA Src Interface : eth0 Src Interface IP : Alarm Enabled : false Alarm Reason : NA Connect Fail Count : 6 Connect Success Count : 4 Send Fail Count : 0 Send Skip Count : 172 Send Skip Severity Count: 0 Send Retry Count : 0 Send Success Count : 2042 Server Disconnect Count : 0 Sockfd : 17 Connected clients : 3

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