: dump time status
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dump time status

Use the
dump time status
command to display the latest information from time sources.Information displayed includes:
  • Current time—Displays system time on the device.
  • Current drift—Displays system time adjustment specified by the importance of being ahead or behind, according to time sync information.
  • Server—Displays either a configured NTP server or the controller time source (CTS).
  • Polled—Displays the time when sent the last request to a time server.
  • Error—Displays the latest error obtained on contacting the server.
  • Selected—Displays the last time this server was the first to answer when selected it.
  • Delta—Displays the difference in time of the system and the time server along with the margin of error.
  • Address—Displays the address of the selected server.
  • Stratum—Displays the stratum of the time server.
  • Action—Displays the action taken; drift means slow or speeds up the system clock, a jump means change immediately.


dump time status



Command Notes

Super, Read Only, Monitor
Related Commands
dump time config
Introduced in
Release 4.7.1


dump time status Current Time 2018-03-05 17:31:12.726938694 +0000 UTC Current Drift -15.682 Server Event time.nist.gov polled 13m4s ago selected 13m4s ago delta -15.680±10.454 address stratum 1 action drift -15.680 CTS polled 1.939s ago selected 1.939s ago delta -15.683±1.154 action drift -15.683

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