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dump vpn status

Use the
dump vpn status
command to display the information for a virtual private network (VPN) link.


dump vpn status ( VpnID= | VpnLinkID= )


Enter the VPN ID to display the information for that particular ID.
Enter the VPN link ID to display the information for that particular link ID.

Command Notes

Super, Read Only, Monitor
Related Commands
Introduced in
Release 5.0.1


dump vpn status VpnLinkID=1650257699288023128 VEP ID: 1650257699288022828 vpnlink_id: 1650257699288023128 vpn_underlay_address_family : ipv6(Active) local_ipv4: remote_ipv4: local_ipv6: 2001:110:1:1::2 remote_ipv6: 2001:110:1:1::1 local_shim_ipv4: remote_shim_ipv4: peer_vep_id: 1650257699288022928 admin_up: true devname: eth5 type: public status: Up active: true usable: true cipher: aes-256-cbc link if_id: vpn3 Link is "Up"(0:24:34). Link is "Usable". Remote IP & Port: 2001:110:1:1::1:4500
dump vpn status VpnLinkID=1673510254318006577 VEP ID: 1673510254318006377 vpnlink_id: 1673510254318006577 vpn_underlay_address_family : ipv4(Active) local_ipv4: remote_ipv4: local_ipv6: N/A remote_ipv6: N/A local_shim_ipv4: remote_shim_ipv4: peer_vep_id: 1673510254318006277 peer_site_role: HUB admin_up: true devname: 5 type: private status: Up active: true encap: vxlan usable: true cipher: aes-256-cbc link_healthy: na link if_id: vpn5 Spi: 2951605019 next_key_rotation: Thu Jan 12 09:57:53 UTC 2023 OutBytes: 2419186 OutPackets: 27692 InBytes: 2440744 InPackets: 27976 Link is "Up"(1:44:56). Link is "Usable". Remote IP & Port:

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