: inspect ip-rules
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inspect ip-rules

Use the
inspect ip-rules
command to inspect the IP rules configured on the device and to display all the Linux IP policy rules configured on the device.


inspect ip-rules



Command Notes

Super, Read Only
Related Commands
Introduced in
Release 4.4.1


inspect ip-rules 0: from all lookup local1 0: from all iif eth2 lookup core-in1 0: from all iif eth1 lookup core-in1 1: from all iif veth-e1-p-2 lookup core-out-veth-e1-p-210 0: from all iif eth3 lookup internet-eth310 0: from lookup internet-eth310 0: from all to lookup internet-eth310 0: from all oif eth3 lookup internet-eth320 0: from all iif eth0 lookup mgmt20 0: from lookup mgmt20 0: from all to lookup mgmt20 0: from all oif eth0 lookup mgmt3276 6: from all lookup main3276 7: from all lookup default

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