Prisma SD-WAN Features Introduced in March 2020

Learn what’s new in Prisma SD-WAN in March 2020.
New Feature/Enhancement
Detailed View of Secure Fabric and Third-Party Connections
The Connectivity option in the Site Summary window can now display all overlay connections in one place, including the following information:
  • Site Connectivity Status: The site connectivity status of Branch-DC, Branch-3rdParty, and Branch-Branch sites are graphically displayed. The drop-down next to each site lets you view the Secure Fabric Links or 3rd Party links for the selected site. The color legend indicates the status of the connectivity and is interpreted as follows:
    • Red: No connectivity established
    • Green: Full connectivity established
    • Yellow: Partial connectivity
    • Grey: Admin down
    • Nascent: Initial (no connectivity)
  • Connectivity Window: On clicking the Secure Fabric Link or 3rd Party VPN link, the Connectivity window is displayed from where you can select one or all VPNs, choose a chart, view ingress and egress traffic, and view link analytics.
  • Connected Site List Filtering: The list of connected sites can be filtered by the site or endpoint name, site tags, or site connectivity.
  • Setting Administrative State: Check the checkbox to set the Admin Up option at the Secure Fabric Link level or Site level. By default, the Admin Up option is checked, unchecking the option means that connections have been administratively brought down.
  • Enhanced Site Details: Use the icons in the header section to delete a site, edit the name, description, and tags of a site, and change the address of a site.
  • Branch-Branch Connectivity: In full-mesh architecture, where you have site-to-site connectivity, you can view both active and backup links.
    • Active link is indicated by a solid green line.
    • Backup link is indicated by a dotted green line.
  • Add Link to a Site: Use the Add Link button to directly add a new Secure Fabric Link to a site. Select the circuit, fill in the name, description, and tags for the chosen site and save the link.
Additional Sorting and Filtering Capabilities for Improved Stacked Policy Management
Stacked Policies under Policies tab has improved filtering and sorting capabilities. The Path Policy Rules and QoS Policy Rules can now be filtered using these additional parameters.
  • Path Policy: You can filter path policy rules based on Rule Name or Circuit Category Name, Network Context, or Path. You can sort path policy rules based on rules that are enabled, order of the rules, name, network context, and source and destination prefixes.
  • QoS Policy: You can filter QoS policy rules based on Rule Name, Network Context, or Priority. You can sort QoS policy rules based on rules that are enabled, order of the rules, name, network context, source and destination prefixes, priority of the application, and the DSCP value.
Ability to Bulk Download Multiple WAN Clarity Report Packages
Reports can be downloaded in bulk individually or for a week. The date range is in the folder name. The description of the Reports can be viewed by clicking the 'i' icon next to the reports.
Ability to View Past and Active Remote Access Device Toolkit Sessions
A list view of active remote sessions and the history of previously accessed remote sessions for claimed devices is now available. Click the gear icon on the Claimed Devices page and select Remote Sessions. The Remote Sessions screen will display both the Active Sessions and History tabs. You can filter to view your lists by Session ID, Element ID or Operator.
Enhanced Filtering in Map View
The Prisma SD-WAN portal MAP tab has been enhanced to include the following changes:
  • Map View Filtering Options: The Map view includes two new filtering options, Domain and Tag to improve filtering by domains or tags.
  • Site List Filtering Options:
    • The Site List view includes two new filtering options, All Domains and All Statuses to filter by domains or status.
    • The filter icon drop-down on the sites screen can be used to filter a site by Type, Mode, or Tag. A blue dot indicates that a filter criterion has been set.
Enhanced RMA Wizard
When using the RMA Wizard to replace a device, there will be an option to upload a previously-downloaded JSON configuration file that you may apply to the replacement device.
Enhanced Syslog Export
Syslog messages will be generated on initial flow-rule classification and end-of-flow for all flows handled by the ION device. The Syslog messages are in RFC 5424 format. An administrator can configure to export flow logs from an ION device to one or more Syslog Servers.
Device Software Version Required: 5.1.17 or 5.2.3

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