Features Introduced in May 2022

Learn what’s new in Prisma SD-WAN in May 2022.
New Feature/Enhancement
Standardized and Enhanced Web Interface
When you log in to Prisma SD-WAN, you will notice that the Navigation Path Changes in Prisma SD-WAN Web Interface and MSP Portal align with the rest of the Prisma SASE solution. For an interactive view of the navigation changes see, Prisma SD-WAN UI Enhancements.
Unified App-IDs
Prisma SD-WAN now supports unified App-IDs to provide application detection services based on PANW applications.
to view the applications available in Prisma SD-WAN.
All existing system application names will be migrated to match the PANW application names. See the complete list of Prisma SD-WAN to PAN-OS (PANW) App-ID Name Mapping.
Device Software Version Required: 6.0.1 and later
Deprecated Application Definitions in Prisma SD-WAN
The following application definitions have been deprecated in Prisma SD-WAN starting with device version 6.0.1.
act-on, adp, aimini, aria, ariba, armagetron, attask, autotask, ayiya, cloudfront-cdn, coupa, crossfire, daxko, directconnect, directdownloadlink,disk, dofus, doubleclick, doubleverify, exacttarget, fastly-cdn, fiesta, filetopia, florensia, ftp-data, gliffy, halflife, hostanalytics, i23v5, imesh,innotas, interspire, ipfix, keysurvey, lithium, marketo, meebo, merchantlink, mhelpdesk, microsoft-live, microsoft-myanalytics, microsoft-security, noe, openair, optimizely, pando, parature, paypal, qad-erp, screenhero, silverpop, smartturn, socrates, strikeiron, tds, tripit, udutu, usenet, wordpress, worldofkungfu, xactly, xmpp-client, yahoo, yahoo-maps, yahoo-news, yahoo-search, zattoo, zuora
Device Software Version Required: 6.0.1 and later
These applications are supported for device software versions lower than 6.0.1.
Support for IPv6
Prisma SD-WAN now supports IPv6 on WAN interfaces for branch and data center devices, Prisma SD-WAN VPN tunnels, WAN DHCP clients, and static route.
Prisma SD-WAN does not currently support IPv6 for PPPoE interfaces. When you enable IPv6, set the MTU value to 1280.
Device Software Version Required: 6.0.1 and later
Support for ION 3000 Devices at Data Center Sites
Starting with Release 6.0.1, you can assign the Prisma SD-WAN ION 3000 device to a data center site, which can be useful for smaller deployments.
Device Software Version Required: 6.0.1 and later
Support for WAN Multicast Routing
Prisma SD-WAN ION devices support multicast over LAN and WAN. A branch site supports LAN multicast senders and receivers, although it can only receive WAN multicast traffic. A data center site transmits WAN multicast traffic to a connected branch site over VPNs that are established over WAN underlay interfaces.
Prisma SD-WAN ION devices support IGMPv2 and IGMPv3 receivers, Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM), Any-source multicast (ASM), and Source-specific multicast (SSM).
Device Software Version Required: 6.0.1 and later
New Aggregate View of the MSP Dashboard
Monitor your devices and tenants using the new Prisma SD-WAN MSP dashboard.
Deprecation of Legacy Network and Security Policies
Starting with device release 6.0.1, Prisma SD-WAN does not support original/legacy policies. If you have configured original or legacy policies, you must migrate these legacy policies to stacked policies before you can upgrade your device to Release 6.0.1.
Device Software Version Required: 6.0.1 and later
Prisma SD-WAN Data Lake Changes
Starting with release 6.0.1, Prisma SD-WAN statistics will use a new data lake infrastructure for storage of statistics and metrics. If firewall or access list restrictions exist for Prisma SD-WAN communication to the Cloud Controller, the listed hostnames must be added for Allow Hostnames in Firewall Configuration or Allow IP Addresses in Firewall Configuration communication as required.
Device Software Version Required: 5.4 and later

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