Features Introduced in October 2022

Learn what’s coming new in Prisma SD-WAN in October 2022.
New Feature/Enhancement
Predictive Analytics for Prisma SD-WAN (Preview)
Prisma SD-WAN now supports deep visibility into the health of sites and applications. The predictive analytics dashboard provides proactive monitoring to ensure exceptionally high service levels. Predictive Analytics helps users to:
  • Identify sites, applications, and links that are experiencing poor performance over a certain period.
  • Predict sites that will reach high capacity utilization in the future.
  • Gain insights into the top 10 sites whose bandwidth utilization increased in the previous 30 days.
Support for Branch Side Source (BSS) multicast
Prisma SD-WAN supports Branch Side Source (BSS) multicast, which allows receivers at a branch site to receive multicast traffic from other branch site sources over the WAN.
Device Software Version Required: 6.1.1 and later
Support for IPv6 for Cellular interfaces
Prisma SD-WAN now supports IPv6 for cellular interfaces.
Device Software Version Required: 6.1.1 and later
Data Center Multicluster
Prisma SD-WAN has supported data center clusters for logical groupings of devices for data center sites. This release provides administrators visibility and control over horizontal scaling of data center clusters.

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