: Tenant Service Group (TSG) Migration of Prisma SD-WAN Users

Tenant Service Group (TSG) Migration of Prisma SD-WAN Users

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Tenant Service Group (TSG) Migration of
Prisma SD-WAN

Learn about the migration process of
Prisma SD-WAN
users to TSG.
Starting from June 2023, we will begin the next phase of transitioning
Prisma SD-WAN
tenants activated before June 2022 to the SASE platform. If your tenant uses third-party IDP or Custom Roles, you will be included in this phase of migration. If your tenant was activated after June 2022, you are already on the SASE platform and no migration is required.
What does this migration mean?
In the backend, we are continuing the migration of
Prisma SD-WAN
tenants to a common TSG structure (Tenant Service Group) starting from June 2023.
  • A TSG can contain instances of multiple products (For example, one TSG can contain a
    Prisma SD-WAN
    instance, PA instance, CDL instance, and CDSS service instance.)
  • Users will have access to IAM (Identity and Access Management) module for user roles and permissions and access to APIs from a centralized API gateway.
  • Users will now be able to utilize the new SASE SDK, which will support other SASE services in addition to
    Prisma SD-WAN
  • Current
    Prisma SD-WAN
    APIs and its endpoints will continue to function post migration.
  • Users will not have any service disruption or any impact on the infrastructure or data paths.
What will a user see after this transition?

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