Assess New Data Violations on SaaS Security API

Learn how to assess new violations on SaaS Security API.
Data violations are available for supported SaaS apps. SaaS Security API compiles a list of data violations for you to view, assess, and address with further investigation or closure.
To properly assess a data violation, you’ll want to know:
  • What sensitive data triggered the data violation.
  • When and where the data violation was triggered and by whom.
SaaS Security web interface displays all the relevant information you need to assess the data violation and understand the service’s decision to create the data violation.
  1. Log in to SaaS Security.
  2. Select
    Data Violations
  3. Observe the violations listed in the table:
    User that triggered the data violation.
    Workspace or Team, depending on your SaaS app, that you specified when you onboarded the SaaS app and on which the data violation was discovered.
    Channel on which the data violation posted.
    Violation Type
    Data profile that detected the data violation.
    Data and time of discovered data violation.
    Sensitive Information
    Data pattern that detected the data violation.
  4. Filter the data violations as needed.
  5. Click on the row for the data violation to drill down into the details about the data violation, including the snippet.
  6. Manage the data violations based on your assessment.

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