Access SaaS Security API

Log in to SaaS Security and restrict the IP addresses from which administrators can log in.
To start securing your sanctioned SaaS applications, begin by logging in to SaaS Security.
Admin Session Timeout automatically logs out a SaaS administrator after 30 minutes of inactivity on SaaS Security. This default value is not configurable.
  1. Log in to SaaS Security.
    • If you have activated the SaaS Security API app on the hub, sign in to the hub and select SaaS Security API.
    • If not, directly access the SaaS Security API service. The URL format is https://<your_company_name>
  2. Restrict the IP addresses administrators can log in from.
    For example, allow administrators to access SaaS Security API only from corporate IP addresses or subnets.
    You can add login restrictions using only IPv4 addresses; you can use dotted decimal ( or CIDR notation (/16) to specify subnet masks.
    1. Select
      General Settings
    2. Specify an IP address you will allow or deny administrative access from:
      • To restrict access to only one or a group of IP addresses, select
        Allow access from specific IP addresses only
        and add the IPv4 address(es), one address or subnet per line.
      • To block access only from one or a group of addresses, select
        Deny access from specific IP addresses only
        and add the addresses you want to block, one address or subnet per line.
    3. Save
      your changes.

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