Configure Classification Labels

Learn how to use classification labels to control data sharing before asset owners share files.
SaaS Security API extends its governance and protection capabilities automatically for files, securing that content—before it is shared. SaaS Security API provides automatic remediation, but it’s even better to avoid the sharing. The removal of public links offers necessary security, but results in broken links and confusion for collaborators. Data classification labels provide security without usability conditions.
Currently, SaaS Security API supports classification labels for Box.
Simply define data classification labels in the schema map provided. SaaS Security API analyzes content. If any content is sensitive, SaaS Security API applies a classification label you define in your schema map. If a policy prevents the sharing of sensitive content, asset owners do not see some share options thereby preventing sensitive content exfiltration.
SaaS Security API automatically generates data patterns based on the classification labels. An asset can potentially have more than one label. If an asset matches more than one policy, SaaS Security API applies the most strict label.
You can use classification labels to:
Before you enable classification labels, you must add your Box app so SaaS Security API can discover those assets.
  1. Select
    Third Party Classification
  2. Enable the classification setting.
    Map Classification Schema
  3. Select the content
    from the list of available content types.
  4. Use the up and down arrows to set the content priority.
  5. Save
    your schema map.

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