Monitor SD-WAN Tasks

Monitor SD-WAN tasks and view detailed job information.
Monitor commits, pushes, and other SD-WAN tasks executed from the Panorama™ management server to gain insight and detailed information regarding the specific task.
If a task succeeds with warnings or fails, you can view detailed warnings and description to better understand how to resolve the misconfiguration. Additionally, you can view the last push state details to review detailed information as to what caused the task warnings or errors.
  1. After editing the SD-WAN configuration,
    your changes to view the job status.
    The job status window displays the operation performed, the result, and any details and warnings related to the job status.
  2. View the last push details for jobs that succeed with warnings or failed.
    1. Click
      ( ) at the bottom of the web interface to open the Task Manager.
    2. Click the job
      for the SD-WAN task.
    3. Click the job
      to view the last push state details for the task.
    4. Review the last push state details to identify and resolve the configuration issues.

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