New Features in January 2024
Strata Cloud Manager

New Features in January 2024

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New Features in January 2024

Here are the new features available in Strata Cloud Manager in January 2024.
Here are the latest new features introduced on Strata Cloud Manager. Features listed here include some feature highlights for the products supported with Strata Cloud Manager. For the full list of new features supported for a product you're using with Strata Cloud Manager, see the release notes for that product.

Prisma Access
: Explicit Proxy Forwarding Profiles with Multiple PAC File Support

January 22, 2024
Supported on Strata Cloud Manager for
: Prisma Access
You can now more easily manage the traffic flowing through or bypassing Explicit Proxy by using Forwarding Profiles instead of only a single PAC file. Forwarding Profiles enable you to define forwarding rules and objects from a simple, easy to use interface rather than dealing with the complexity of a PAC file.
If you already employ a PAC file, you can seamlessly transition to Forwarding Profiles by importing the PAC file into a profile. Furthermore, if you have had to manage multiple PAC files for different kinds of traffic, you can now import these PAC files into profiles to use them simultaneously.
In addition to using Forwarding Profiles with a standard proxy, you can also use them to simplify how you define the flow of traffic through GlobalProtect in Proxy or Tunnel and Proxy mode.

Query Usability and Performance Enhancements in Log Viewer

January, 2024
The enhancements in Log Viewer include:
  • Option to cancel a query you no longer want to run, using the Cancel option
  • Improved query response time
  • View logs from
    Strata Logging Service
    hosted in China region
You can view and interact with logs stored in
Strata Logging Service
with Explore in
Strata Logging Service
app and Log Viewer in Strata Cloud Manager. A query field and time range preferences help you narrow down the specific logs that are of interest to you. You can view the log details and also export all log types to a compressed CSV file in GZ format. Log Viewer provides an audit trail for system, configuration, and network events. Jump from a dashboard in Strata Cloud Manager to your logs to get details in Log Viewer and investigate findings.

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