Register the VM-Series Firewall

When you purchase a VM-Series firewall, you receive an email that includes an auth code for a capacity license for the VM-Series model, a support entitlement auth code, and one or more auth codes for the subscription licenses. To use the auth code(s), you must register the code to the support account on the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support website. In the case of the VMware integrated NSX solution, the email contains a single authorization code that bundles the capacity license for one or more instances of the VM-Series model, the support entitlement, and one or more subscription licenses.
For the usage-based licenses in public clouds (AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform), you do not receive an auth code. However, in order to activate your premium support entitlement with Palo Alto Networks, you must create a support account and register the VM-Series firewall on the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support website.
Use the instructions in this section to register the capacity auth code or firewall with your support account:

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