Basic Troubleshooting

Recommendation for Network Troubleshooting Tools
It is useful to have a separate troubleshooting station to capture traffic or inject test packets in the virtualized environment. It can be helpful to build a fresh OS from scratch with common troubleshooting tools installed such as tcpdump, nmap, hping, traceroute, iperf, tcpedit, netcat, etc. This machine can then be powered down and converted to a template. Each time the tools are needed, the troubleshooting client (virtual machine) can be quickly deployed to the virtual switch(es) in question and used to isolate networking problems. When the testing is complete, the instance can simply be discarded and the template used again the next time it is required.
For performance related issues on the firewall, first check the
from the firewall web interface. To view alerts or create a tech support or stats dump files navigate to
For information in the vSphere client go to
VMs and Templates
, select the VM-Series firewall instance and click the
tab. Under
, check the statistics for consumed memory, CPU and storage. For resource history, click the
tab and monitor resource consumption over time.

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