Install the Panorama Plugin for VMware vCenter

To get started with endpoint monitoring on vCenter, download and install the Panorama Plugin for VMware vCenter.
If you have a Panorama HA configuration, repeat this installation process on each Panorama peer. When installing the plugin on Panoramas in an HA pair, install the plugin on the passive peer before the active peer. After installing the plugin on the passive peer, it will transition to a non-functional state. Installing the plugin on the active peer returns the passive peer to a functional state.
If you have a standalone Panorama or two Panorama appliances installed in an HA pair with multiple plugins installed, plugins might not receive updated IP-tag information if one or more of the plugins is not configured. This occurs because Panorama will not forward IP-tag information to unconfigured plugins. Additionally, this issue can occur if one or more of the Panorama plugins is not in the Registered or Success state (positive state differs on each plugin). Ensure that your plugins are in the positive state before continuing or executing the commands described below.
If you encounter this issue, there are two workarounds:
  • Uninstall the unconfigured plugin or plugins. It is recommended that you do not install a plugin that you do not plan to configure right away
  • You can use the following commands to work around this issue. Execute the following command for each unconfigured plugin on each Panorama instance to prevent Panorama from waiting to send updates. If you do not, your firewalls may lose some IP-tag information.
    request plugins dau plugin-name <plugin-name> unblock-device-push yes
    You can cancel this command by executing:
    request plugins dau plugin-name <plugin-name> unblock-device-push no
The commands described are not persistent across reboots and must be used again for any subsequent reboots. For Panorama in HA pair, the commands must be executed on each Panorama.
  1. Select
  2. Select
    and click
    to locate the plugin file.
  3. Click
    to complete the upload.
  4. Select the version of the plugin and click
    in the Action column to install the plugin. Panorama will alert you when the installation is complete.

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