Install the VMware NSX Plugin

To deploy the VM-Series for NSX solution, you must install the VMware NSX plugin on Panorama.
If another version of the plugin is currently installed, selecting Install removes it and installs the selected version.
  1. Download the plugin.
    1. Select PanoramaPlugins.
    2. Select Check Now to retrieve a list of available updates.
    3. Select Download in the Action column to download the plugin.
    4. Select the version of the plugin and click Install in the Action column to install the plugin. Panorama will alert you when the installation is complete.
    When installing the plugin on Panoramas in an HA pair, install the plugin on the passive peer before the active peer. After installing the plugin on the passive peer, it will transition to a non-functional state. Installing the plugin on the active peer returns the passive peer to a functional state.
  2. If you are upgrading your version of the VMware NSX plugin, complete a manual configuration sync.
    1. Select PanoramaVMware NSXService Managers.
    2. Select NSX Config-Sync in the Action column.
    3. Click Yes.
    4. When the sync is complete, click OK.

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