Upgrade the VM-Series Plugin

When a plugin update is released independent of PAN-OS, you can independently upgrade the plugin version from your VM-Series firewall (like software or content updates) or from a bootstrap file.
Each plugin version provides PAN-OS compatibility information and includes new features or bug fixes for one or more cloud environments.
  1. Before upgrading, check the latest Release Notes for details on whether a new VM-Series plugin affects your environment.
    For example, suppose a new VM-Series plugin version only includes AWS features. To take advantage of the new features, you must update the plugin on your VM-Series firewall instances on AWS.
    Do not install an upgrade that does not apply to your environment.
  2. Log in to the VM-Series firewall and check the dashboard to view the plugin version.
  3. Select
       to view the plugin version.
  4. Use
    Check Now
    to check for updates.
  5. Choose the VM-Series plugin version and click
  6. When the download finishes, click
    . The firewall automatically uninstalls the previously installed version of the plugin.
  7. View the
    to verify that the plugin upgraded successfully

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