About the WildFire API

The WildFire™ API extends the malware detection capabilities of WildFire through a RESTful XML-based API. Using the API, you can get file analysis from WildFire and query for details on the WildFire public cloud or the WildFire appliance. Using the WildFire API, you can automate the submission of files and links to WildFire for analysis. You can also use the WildFire API through your script or service to query WildFire for verdicts, samples, and reports. To use the WildFire API, you must have one of the following subscription services: WildFire,Standalone WildFire API Subscription, Prisma Access, or Prisma Cloud Compute.
Before using the WildFire API, be sure to thoroughly read the Palo Alto Networks WildFire Acceptable Use Policy.

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