WildFire API Changelog

This section describes the updates made to the WildFire API resources.

July 21, 2020

  • Reverted API Endpoints
    The /submit/link and /submit/links endpoints have been reverted to return SHA and MD5 hashes values in the XML response.

July 2, 2020

  • Newly Added Parameters for Existing Endpoints
    The /get/verdict and /get/report endpoints now support the
    parameter to facilitate retrieval of URL verdicts and a single specified WildFire URL analysis report, respectively.
  • Notice of WildFire API Usage Discrepancies Based on Region
    URL Analysis is currently operational only in the WildFire global (U.S.) cloud. Using the /get/verdicts and /get/report endpoints to retrieve URL verdicts and reports in any of the unsupported regional clouds might produce different results.
  • Notice of Limited Support
    The /get/pcap and /get/verdicts endpoints do not support URL analysis functionality at this time.
  • Modified API Response Behavior
    The /submit/link and /submit/links endpoints no longer returns the hash values in the response if the URL was processed using URL analysis. Regional WildFire clouds operating the legacy elink analyzer will continue to return the hash values.
  • New API Endpoint
    The following API endpoint was added to support retrieval of web artifacts generated during URL analysis: /get/webartifacts

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