ELF Malware Test File

Palo Alto Networks now provides an ELF sample malware file to test your WildFire deployment. The new file can be downloaded using a direct download link using your browser or through the WildFire API. Download one of the new sample files and verify that it gets forwarded to WildFire for analysis.
  1. Download one of the new malware test files. Select from either direct or API download.
    • Direct Download
    • API Download
      : Make a GET request to the /test resource with the file type you want to retrieve. Use the -JO option to retain the Content-Disposition filename, as shown in the following cURL command example:
      curl -JO 'https://wildfire.paloaltonetworks.com/publicapi/test/elf'
    The response saves the malware test file to your local system. Each time you download the test file, it has a different SHA-256 hash value.
  2. On the firewall web interface, select
    WildFire Submissions
    to confirm that the file was forwarded for analysis.
    Please wait at least 5 minutes for analysis results to be displayed for the file on the
    WildFire Submissions
    page. The verdict for the test file will always display as malware.

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