Email Link Analysis Enhancements

Improved WildFire analysis reports for email links that are classified as phishing by the WildFire public cloud or PAN-DB are now available on the WildFire portal, firewalls, and the through the API. If you have configured your firewall to forward email links, no additional configuration is required to take advantage of the improved functionality.
Email links analyzed using a WildFire dynamic analysis virtual environment and/or PAN-DB are shown in your
WildFire Analysis Report
, under the
Dynamic Analysis
heading. You can select the virtual machines that were used to analyze a file and view the details of behaviors detected in the email link.
To enable the firewall to forward links included in emails for WildFire analysis, see Forward Files for WildFire Analysis.
  • You can view the WildFire sample analysis report and verdict (malicious, grayware or benign) on the WildFire portal or the firewall.
  • You can use the WildFire API to retrieve verdicts and analysis reports for email links.

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