WildFire UK Cloud

A new Wildfire regional cloud is now available in the United Kingdom. The WildFire UK cloud provides the best of both worlds for our UK customers. Customers can now utilize the WildFire cloud-based threat analysis and prevention engine, while ensuring that files submitted for analysis stay in the country to address data location concerns. Note that certain metadata connected to submitted samples, as described in the WildFire Privacy Datasheet, are shared with our other regional clouds. While submissions stay within UK borders, UK customers still benefit from the global security intelligence and updates based on the network effect of Palo Alto Networks 42,000+ WildFire customers. Sensitive data and submissions are restricted from leaving the UK when using the WildFire cloud threat analysis service. Samples submitted to the WildFire UK cloud and the resulting malware analysis, signature generation and delivery occur and remain within UK borders.
Any firewall with basic WildFire service enabled can forward PE (portable executables) samples to the WildFire UK cloud, while users with an active WildFire subscription can forward all supported file types. Additionally, you can access the WildFire UK portal using your support account credentials to manually upload files for analysis and view WildFire analysis reports.
You can submit samples to the WildFire UK cloud from the firewall, from a WildFire appliance, using the WildFire UK portal, and using the WildFire API.
  • Submit samples to the WildFire UK cloud from the firewall
    1. Log in to the firewall and select
      Device > Setup > WildFire
      and edit
      General Settings
    2. Enter the URL for the WildFire UK cloud:
    3. Click
      to save your settings.
  • Submit locally-discovered malware or sample reports to the WildFire UK cloud For additional analysis
    Enable a WildFire appliance to submit locally-discovered malware or sample reports to the WildFire UK cloud for additional analysis and signature distribution:
    1. Connect the WildFire appliance to the WildFire UK cloud by entering the following command from the WildFire appliance CLI:
      set deviceconfig setting cloud-server uk.wildfire.paloaltonetworks.com
    2. Enter the following command to submit malware to the WildFire UK cloud:
      set deviceconfig setting wildfire cloud-intelligence submit-sample yes
  • Manually submit samples to the WildFire UK Cloud using the WildFire UK portal
    You can manually submit samples to the WildFire UK cloud using the WildFire UK portal: https://uk.wildfire.paloaltonetworks.com.
    After uploading files or URLs to the WildFire UK portal, you can also view the WildFire analysis verdict and report for the sample.
  • Submit samples through the WildFire API
    Use the following resources to submit samples through the WildFire API to the WildFire UK cloud:
    • Submit a file:
    • Submit a file through a URL:
    • Submit a URL:
    • Submit multiple URLs:
    To get information about your file submissions to the WildFire UK cloud, you must also use the same base URI that corresponds to the WildFire UK cloud. Example:

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