Advanced URL Filtering

Advanced URL Filtering is our comprehensive URL filtering solution that protects your network and users from web-based threats. Combining the capabilities of PAN-DB with a web security engine powered by machine learning, Advanced URL Filtering categorizes and blocks malicious URLs in real-time. With an Advanced URL Filtering license (or legacy URL filtering license), you can restrict access to websites and control user interactions with web content. For example, you can prevent users from accessing websites known to host malware or entering corporate credentials into websites in specific categories. 

For a high-level summary of how Advanced URL Filtering provides best-in-class web protection for the modern enterprise, review the Advanced URL Filtering datasheet.

Advanced URL Filtering is available on PAN-OS next-generation firewalls, Prisma Access (Cloud Managed), Cloud NGFW for AWS, and Cloud NGFW for Azure. 

What's New

The Advanced URL Filtering subscription provides a new, cloud-based ML-powered web security engine that protects you against advanced web-based attacks by performing web traffic inspection in real-time. Prevent known and unknown advanced, file-less web-based attacks including targeted phishing, web-delivered malware and exploits, command-and-control, social engineering, and other types of web attacks.

With URL Filtering inline ML, you can now prevent JavaScript exploits and phishing attacks found in webpages from entering your network in real-time with the power of machine learning.

Available with PAN-OS 10.0 and later, and Prisma Access.

Looking for more?

Here are the URL Filtering features in the latest PAN-OS release.


Advanced URL Filtering

Protect Against Phishing and Malicious Sites

Stop Credential Based Attacks