URL Filtering gives you a way to control not only web access, but how users interact with online content. PAN-DB—the URL Filtering cloud— classifies sites based on content, features, and safety, and you can enforce your security policy based on these URL categories. You can also prevent credential phishing theft by tightly controlling the types of sites to which users can enter their corporate credentials.

Visit Test A Site to see how PAN-DB categorizes a URL, and to learn about all available URL categories. 

Review the URL Filtering datasheet for a high-level summary of how URL Filtering enables safe web access; protect your users from dangerous websites, malware sites, credential-phishing pages and attacks attempting to leverage web browsing to deliver threats.

What's New

The Advanced URL Filtering security subscription provides a new, cloud-based ML-powered web security engine that protects you against advanced web-based attacks by performing web traffic inspection in real-time. Prevent known and unknown advanced, file-less web-based attacks including targeted phishing, web-delivered malware and exploits, command-and-control, social engineering, and other types of web attacks.

Now available as an optional security subscription with PAN-OS 9.0 and later, and Prisma Access.

With URL Filtering inline ML, you can now prevent JavaScript exploits and phishing attacks found in webpages from entering your network in real-time with the power of machine learning.

Available with PAN-OS 10.0 and later, and Prisma Access.

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