Customize the URL Filtering Response Pages

Learn how to customize the URL Filtering response pages that display when users access sites in URL categories with block, continue, or override policy actions.
Where can I use this?
What do I need?
  • Prisma Access
  • PAN-OS
  • Advanced URL Filtering license
    For Prisma Access, this is usually included with your Prisma Access license.
The firewall provides predefined URL filtering response pages that display by default when:
- A user attempts to browse to a site in a category with restricted access.
- A user submits valid corporate credentials to a site for which credential detection is enabled (prevent credential phishing based on URL category).
- Log container page only blocks a search attempt.
These pages include information about the site a user attempted to access, including its URL categories, and why access was initially denied. However, you can personalize these response pages with corporate branding, acceptable use policies, and links to internal resources.
Custom response pages larger than the maximum supported size are not decrypted or displayed to users. In PAN-OS 8.1.2 and earlier PAN-OS 8.1 releases, custom response pages on a decrypted site cannot exceed 8,191 bytes; the maximum size is increased to 17,999 bytes in PAN-OS 8.1.3 and later releases.

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