Restrict WildFire Appliance CLI Command Output

Some operational commands include an option to restrict the displayed output. To restrict the output, enter a pipe symbol followed by
and the value that is to be excluded or included:
The following sample output is for the show system info command:
show system info
hostname: WildFire ip-address: netmask: default-gateway: mac-address: 00:25:90:95:84:76 vm-interface-ip-address: vm-interface-netmask: vm-interface-default-gateway: vm-interface-dns-server: time: Mon Apr 15 13:31:39 2013 uptime: 0 days, 0:02:35 family: m model: WF-500 serial: 009707000118 sw-version: 8.0.1 wf-content-version: 702-283 wf-content-release-date: unknown logdb-version: 8.0.15 platform-family: m operational-mode: normal username@hostname> The following sample displays only the system model information: username@hostname>
show system info | match model
model: WF-500 username@hostname>

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