: Points Usage
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Points Usage

As mentioned in AutoFocus API Resources, most API calls have a point cost that applies to your daily point limit. For example, if you initiate a search query for malware samples, the point cost is 10 points. If you then view the results of this search, you expend 1 points each time you check for the latest set of results. Viewing the details of a particular sample costs 2 points. You can retrieve threat intelligence cards related to particular samples as part of your threat investigation and analysis without incurring a points charge.
If you have an AutoFocus license that allows 5,000 points per day, the following table illustrates how points can accumulate toward your daily point limit:
Total Remaining Points
Initiate samples search
10 points
View results of samples search
1 point
View details of 500 samples
1,000 points (500 samples x 2 points)
View threat intelligence cards for 20 indicators
0 points

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