One of the cheapest and easiest ways for an attacker to gain access to your network is through users accessing the internet. By successfully exploiting an endpoint, an attacker can take hold in your network and begin to move laterally towards the end goal, whether that is to steal your source code, exfiltrate your customer data, or take down your infrastructure. To protect your network from cyberattack and improve your overall security posture, implement a best practice internet gateway security policy. Use the guidelines in this site to plan, deploy, and maintain your internet gateway best practice security policy. 

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New Features Simplify Decryption

Updated with recommendations for using the new decryption features introduced in PAN-OS 10.0, including TLS 1.3 support and enhancements for simplifying troubleshooting of decryption issues.

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Best Practice for Internet Gateway Security Policy

Block QUIC Traffic

Our recommended block rules have been updated with recommendations for blocking the Quick UDP Internet Connections (QUIC) protocol to prevent potentially dangerous encrypted traffic from entering the network.

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SSL Decryption Exposes Encrypted Malware

What Is a Best Practice Internet Gateway Security Policy?

Segment Your Network Using Interfaces and Zones


Strengthen Your Internet Gateway