: Update a Service Account Through Common Services

Update a Service Account Through Common Services

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Update a Service Account Through
Common Services

Learn how to update a
Common Services
service account.
After you add service accounts,
Common Services
: Identity and Access enables you to update service accounts.
  1. Use one of the various ways to access
    Common Services
    Identity & Access
  2. Select
    Identity & Access
    . Only one way is shown here.
  3. Select the tenant for which you want to update a service account.
  4. Select the service account that you want to update.
  5. In
    Identity Information
    , you can edit only the following fields:
    • Service Account Contact
      —The email address of the contact person for the service account; this contact person is not added as a user.
      Common Services
      does not attempt to verify that the email address you entered is associated with a Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Account and, if it is not, the user will not be able to authenticate using this email.
    • In
      —Information about your service account.
  6. Select
  7. In
    Client Credentials
    Reset Client Secret
    if you need to recover a lost secret credential.
    Resetting the client secret breaks any existing applications or integrations that use this service account.
  8. When prompted,

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