Activate Cortex Data Lake

This is how you activate Cortex Data Lake.
After purchasing Cortex Data Lake, you should have received an email with a link to activate Cortex Data Lake. Click on the link and follow the steps below to complete activation.
You do not need to follow this procedure if you have already activated Cortex Data Lake as part of another product purchase (for example, Prisma Access).
If you are using PAN-OS 10.0 or later firewalls, and if you were sharing telemetry data with Palo Alto Networks prior to purchasing a Cortex Data Lake license, then you already have a small, unlicensed Cortex Data Lake instance. This instance exists solely for the purpose of storing your PAN-OS telemetry data.
When you activate your license Palo Alto Networks will upgrade this tenant to a full Cortex Data Lake instance, so long as the region you use to send telemetry data to Palo Alto Networks is the same region that you use when you activate your Cortex Data Lake license. If you use different regions for this purpose, then the small telemetry-specific tenant will not upgrade to your new, licensed Cortex Data Lake instance.
  1. Click on the link in your purchase confirmation email.
  2. Select the products that you want to activate and
    Start Activation
  3. Select the customer support accounts that you want to associate with your products.
  4. Select the geographical
    for your Cortex Data Lake instance.
    1. If you are associating a Panorama with your Cortex Data Lake instance, select
      New Panorama
      Serial Number
      will automatically populate.
      For identification and classification purposes, you can modify the serial number, but only for Panorama virtual appliances.
  5. Select whether you want Cortex Data Lake to
    Store Log Data
    from your firewalls.
    If you choose to store data, Cortex Data Lake will keep a record of your logs for future reference. If you choose not to, Cortex Data Lake will delete the logs after they are used for whatever analytics services you have subscribed to (for example, IoT Security), without saving a copy.
  6. Review your selections, Agree to the Terms and Conditions, and
    Confirm Selections
  7. If you don’t have additional devices to onboard to Cortex Data Lake, then configure your devices to send logs to Cortex Data Lake, and configure your log storage settings.

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