Cortex Data Lake Regions

Learn more about the regions in which you can host
Cortex Data Lake
The region that you select when you activate Cortex Data Lake determines the physical location in which your data is stored. If regulations require that your data remain within regional bounds, select the appropriate region to comply.
Cortex Data Lake
ensures data redundancy by storing your data in two different zones in the region you choose. Therefore, in case of an outage,
Cortex Data Lake
will failover to the secondary zone in an attempt to prevent interruption of service.
If you want to use a third-party app to ingest your
Cortex Data Lake
log data, ensure that the third-party app is supported in the same region as your
Cortex Data Lake
instance. Otherwise, the third-party app will be unable to access your data. Third-party apps are currently supported in only the following regions:
  • United States - Americas
  • United Kingdom
  • Netherlands - Europe
  • Japan

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