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Prisma Access Locations

Get a list of all available Prisma Access locations to onboard your service connections, remote network connections, and mobile users.
Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
  • Prisma Access (Cloud Management)
  • Prisma Access (Panorama Managed)
  • Prisma Access license
You can deploy Prisma Access in the locations of your choosing, based on data location preferences and where you have the most users. Prisma Access provides over 100 locations worldwide, so that your users have an experience that’s tailored to their locales. All Prisma Access locations are mapped to a security compute location based on optimized performance and latency. This means that the traffic in certain countries will be directed to that defined compute location.
There are different location types:
  • Locations Sorted by Compute Location
    —When you configure remote networks, you allocate bandwidth by compute location. At least two (often more) Prisma Access locations that are geographically near each other are grouped in by compute locations. This is the level at which you allocate bandwidth, instead of allocating bandwidth for individual Prisma Access locations or for specific remote network sites, and allows Prisma Access to dynamically allocate bandwidth to sites in a compute location based on load or demand.
  • Theater and Location Group
    —When you allocate IP address pools in a Mobile Users—GlobalProtect deployment, you can specify IP pools by location group (a group of locations that is smaller than the theater), theater, or Worldwide. Use location group-specific IP address pools if you have services that depend on the source IP address of the user to identify the user’s details (such as location-based services or services based on a user group or function) so you can apply access control policies, or to perform routing or policy operations on different countries if the countries are in different compute regions.
  • Locations by Region
    —View the groups sorted by region.
  • Explicit Proxy Locations
    Explicit Proxy has its own set of locations that are a subset of Prisma Access locations.
  • Colo-Connect Locations
    Colo-Connect has its own set of locations that are a subset of Prisma Access locations.
  • Local Zones
    —Local zones place compute, storage, database, and other services close to large population and industry centers. These locations have their own compute locations.
    Keep in mind the following guidelines when deploying local zones:
    • Local zone locations do not use Palo Alto Networks registered IP addresses.
    • 1 Gbps support for remote networks is not supported.
    • Remote network and service connection node redundancy across availability zones is not available if you deploy them in the same local zone, as both nodes are provisioned in a single zone.
    • These local zones do not use Palo Alto Networks registered IPs. If you have problems accessing URLs, report the website issue using or reach out to Palo Alto Networks support.
Review the Prisma Access Privacy data sheet to learn more about Prisma Access locations and where Prisma Access processes traffic.

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