View Cortex Data Lake Status

The Cortex Data Lake app in the hub allows you to confirm that your service is provisioned in the region you chose when you activated your auth code, and that the quota matches the storage quantity you purchased. The service status includes details on how you allocated log storage quota, the available storage space, and the number of days the logs are retained based on your incoming log rate.
  1. Sign In
    to the hub at
  2. Select the Cortex Data Lake instance for which you want to view status. If you have multiple Cortex Data Lake instances, hover over the Cortex Data Lake tile and then select from the list of available instances associated with your account.
  3. Confirm the following
    • Service status and the amount of storage used as a ratio of total storage you have purchased.
    • The geographic region where your logs are stored.
    • Verify your configuration on the different log types (sources) from which the Cortex Data Lake is receiving logs, and the log storage space allocated for each log subtype.

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