Forward Logs from Cortex Data Lake to an Email Server

Learn how to forward logs from Cortex Data Lake to an email server.
To get email notifications whenever critical issues occur on your network, you can configure Cortex Data Lake to send notifications to an email destination. Cortex Data Lake uses the Palo Alto Networks SMTP server to forward log information in an email format, and all emails are sent from The communication between Cortex Data Lake and the email destination uses SMTP over TLS, and SMTP server certificate is signed by a trusted root CA.
  1. Sign In
    to the hub at
  2. Select the Cortex Data Lake instance that you want to configure for email forwarding.
    If you have multiple Cortex Data Lake instances, hover over the Cortex Data Lake tile and then select an instance from the list of available instances.
  3. Configure email forwarding.
    You cannot add your SMTP server to Cortex Data Lake currently.
    1. Select
      Log Forwarding
      to add a new email forwarding profile.
    2. Enter a descriptive
      for the profile.
    3. Enter the email address of the administrator
      whom you want to send email.
      You can enter up to ten additional email addresses, separated by commas, to add as
    4. Enter the
      Email Subject
      to clearly identify the purpose of the notification.
    5. Select the logs you want to forward.
      1. Add
        a new log filter.
      2. Select the
        Log Type
      3. (Optional)
        Create a log filter to forward only the logs that are most critical to you.
        You can either write your own queries from scratch or use the query builder. You can also select the query field to choose from among a set of common predefined queries.
        Log filters function like queries in Explore. However, double quotes (
        ) are not supported.
        If you want to forward all logs of the type you selected, do not enter a query. Instead, proceed to the next step.
      4. Save
        your changes.
      5. Add other log types for which you’d like to receive email notifications.
    6. Save
      your changes.
      Email forwarding is rate limited to allow 10 emails per second.
  4. Verify that the
    of your email forwarding profile is
    ( ).

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