M-600 Appliance Front Panel

Learn about the M-600 appliance front-panel components.
The following image shows the front panel of the M-600 appliance and the table describes each front-panel component.
Power button
Press this button to power on or power off the appliance. Powering off the appliance with this button puts the appliance in standby power mode. To completely power off the appliance, you must disconnect the AC power cords from both power supplies.
Reset button
Press this button to reboot the appliance.
Power LED
Solid green indicates that the appliance is powered on.
Power failure LED
Solid red indicates that either a power supply failed or that there is no power source connected to a power supply.
Hard-disk drive (HDD) LED
Blinking yellow indicates IDE channel activity (SAS/SATA drive) on the front log drives.
System information (overheat and UID) LED
  • Solid red
    —An overheat condition occurred.
  • Blinking red at the rate of one blink per second (1Hz)
    —A fan failure occurred.
  • Blinking red at the rate of one blink every four seconds (.25Hz)
    —One of the two power supplies is not providing power to the appliance (possibly because a power supply failed or because there is no power source connected to the power supply).
  • Solid blue
    —The UID feature is activated (see the UID button description for the M-600 Appliance Back Panel.)
Hard-disk drives (HDDs)
Disk drive bays and HDDs used for log storage. By default, the M-600 ships with four HDDs installed in drive bays A1/A2 and B1/B2. You can install up to eight additional drives (four additional RAID 1 pairs) in the remaining drive bays (C1/C2, D1/D2, E1/E2, and F1-F2) to increase log storage capacity.
Each pair of drives are in a RAID 1 configuration. For example, A1-A2 is a RAID 1 pair and B1-B2 is a RAID 1 pair.
For details on storage capacity, refer to the Panorama Datasheet. For details on adding additional storage to the appliance, refer the Panorama Administrator’s Guide on the Technical Documentation Portal for the release version running on your appliance.
Hard-disk drive (HDD) LEDs
Status LEDs—two for each log drive:
  • Top LED
    —Flashing blue indicates drive activity.
  • Bottom LED
    —Solid red indicates a log drive failure.

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