At the heart of the world’s first ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewall is the new PAN-OS 10.0 - empowering you to stay ahead of unknown threats, see everything, including IoT, and reduce errors with automatic policy recommendations.   

Feature Highlights

Simplified Decryption

Deploy and maintain TLS decryption with ease. Now with support for TLS 1.3 and up to 2X performance boost.

Inline ML for Web-Based Attacks

The URL Filtering subscription enables ML directly on the NGFW, stopping never-before-seen phishing and JavaScript attacks inline before they’re unleashed on your organization.

Secure Kubernetes Environments with the CN-Series NGFW

Palo Alto Networks CN-Series container firewalls make the most of native Kubernetes orchestration by integrating firewall deployment directly into your DevOps workflow—a single command is all it takes for simultaneous deployment on all nodes in a Kubernetes cluster.

IoT Security

The unique combination of IoT visibility and the NGFW enables context-aware network segmentation to reduce risk exposure and applies our leading security subscriptions to keep IoT and IT devices secure from all threats.